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Pepsi Challenge to Feature Tunica Shelter

Sandy Williams of the Tunica Humane Society says she saw the idea on TV and has tried for months to get her project on Pepsi Cola's list of contestants for this nationwide program.

For months Tunica Humane Society volunteers have worked in a make-shift temporary headquarters saving animals and working to find good homes for them.

Now, they've got a chance to get some really big money though a grant from Pepsi.

"Pepsi is granting millions of dollars this year to fund ideas that they feel like would make this a better world to live in and so we submitted our idea about a no-kill shelter in the Mississippi delta and we were chosen to be in the running in July" said Williams.

It's called "refresh everything" and the money goes to as many as ten worthy groups every month.

Starting this Thursday, anyone can go on-line to vote for the Tunica Animal Shelter, and other groups.

At the end of the month, the top ten get $50,000.

That would go a long way to helping Williams buy a building just outside the town of Tunica and turn it into a new, air conditioned shelter with plenty of room for animals to get fresh air outside.

"We have actually raised about half the money that we need and if we can win this grant we can purchase the building on time, just right so I think it's supposed to happen for us." Williams said.

But Williams has to compete with projects from around the country.

She says to stay in the running with projects from places like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

She'll need help from all MidSoutherners, and all their friends around the world.

Voting starts July 1st at the website: www.refresheverything.com

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