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Claims WARNING for BP Oil Spill Victims #disaster

The Obama appointee managing BP's oil spill disaster fund said Wednesday there isn't "enough money in the world" to pay all claims and suggested home owners with plunging property values could lose out.

The warning from prominent US lawyer Kenneth Feinberg came as Hurricane Alex disrupted clea…

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BP Says Storm Delaying Oil Spill Oil-Capture Capacity

BP Plc said on Monday its plan to nearly double the amount of oil it can capture from the Gulf of Mexico leak will be delayed for about a week by high waves expected from tropical storm Alex.

With oil spewing into the Gulf since the disaster began on April 20, BP's current collection system usi…

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Is BP CEO Tony Hayward Mmaking the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster Worse?

This hasn't been a good few weeks for Tony Hayward, the chief executive officer of BP. In the weeks since the huge oil spill in the Gulf began, he has struck an occasionally Churchillian tone: "We are going to defend the beaches," he proclaimed. "We will fix this." But the British leader he m…

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Oil Spill's Psychological Toll Quietly Mounts

The Gulf of Mexico oil disaster feels far worse to shrimper Ricky Robin than Katrina, even though he's still haunted by memories of riding out the hurricane on his trawler and of his father's suicide in the storm's aftermath.

The relentless spill is bringing back feelings that are far too famil…

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Tropical Weather Reason to Worry in Gulf Oil Spill

The logistics of containing the oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico are mind-boggling even in ideal conditions. Add a tropical storm like the one swirling in the Caribbean and things get even more complicated.

Any system with winds over 46 mph could force BP to abandon efforts to contain the flo…

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Storm threatens to disrupt BP oil-siphoning

With a storm threatening to disrupt oil-siphoning efforts at BP Plc's blown-out Gulf of Mexico well, the U.S. Coast Guard on Friday said collection efforts would be suspended five days before the forecast onset of gale-force winds.

A tropical disturbance over the western Caribbean could deal a …

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Raining Oil in Louisiana? Video suggests Gulf Oil Spill Causing Crude Rain!

Raining oil? A video purports to show the aftermath of an oily rain that has left a rainbow sheen on the streets of River Ridge, Louisiana. The EPA says that an oily rain is highly unlikely.

Raining oil in Louisiana? An unsettling – and unverified – amateur video shows what appears to be the afte…

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Despondent Fishing Captain Commits Suicide In Gulf

For 25 years charter fishing captain Allen Kruse made a living doing what he loved. But as he explained in an interview six weeks ago, the oil spill took it all away, reports CBS News reports.

"The day that oil entered the Gulf, my phone quit ringing," said Kruse on May 13. "We don't know what's…

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Seafood Prices Bound To Spike Due To Oil Spill

Pittsburgh's Strip District is one of the most popular areas in town to buy fresh fish and seafood. It is also an area that will inevitably be affected by the aftermath of the oil spill in the Gulf region.


Fresh fish continue to pour into local seafood markets fro…

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Venezuela Seizes Oil Rigs Owned by US Company

Venezuela's government has seized control of 11 oil rigs owned by U.S. driller Helmerich & Payne, which shut them down because the state oil company was behind on payments.

Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez announced that Venezuela would nationalize the Tulsa, Oklahoma-based company's rigs. He said …

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BP Removes Oil Spill Cap after Submarine Crash

Oil gushed unchecked from the leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico after a robot submarine crashed into BP's containment system.

'We had an incident earlier today, they noticed that there was some kind of a gas rising,' said Admiral Thad Allen, the US official coordinating the response to the dis…

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