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Paul's Pantry in Green Bay Gets 5k lbs Food Donation

Paul's Pantry on Friday received a donation of 5,000 pounds of food from Roundy's Supermarkets as part of Pepsi's Refresh Project, which funds ideas aimed at helping communities.

Pallets of nonperishable foods were packed into a truck at Copps Food Center, 1291 Lombardi Access Road, Ashwaubenon, for delivery to the food bank.

Pepsi Beverages provided a $25,000 grant to the Roundy's Foundation to help aid the charity's hunger relief efforts throughout Wisconsin. Roundy's Supermarkets is Copps' parent company.

According to Roundy's Supermarkets spokeswoman Vivian King, the grant also will fund hunger relief efforts in Milwaukee, Madison and Wausau, as well as Minnesota. Paul's Pantry, 1529 Leo Frigo Way, Green Bay, was the first food pantry in the state to receive a donation, valued at $9,000.

Craig Robbins, executive director of the food bank, thanked the Roundy's Foundation, Pepsi and Copps for the donation. He said it will help 4,200 of the pantry's 13,000 registered households.

"To get that kind of money out to the community is awesome," said Copps store director Julie Appel.

The Copps store also helps charities with its Sack Hunger program, which assembles nonperishable food items in brown bags. The purchased bags are collected and delivered to local food pantries and churches. Prices range from $5 to $9 a bag.


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