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A look at G8-G20 protests

People covered in fake oil — actually chocolate and coffee grounds — march through Toronto's financial district behind a giant papier mache head of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

June 21 — Protesters block intersections and briefly occupy an Esso gas station, saying they're upset over the police buildup in Toronto ahead of the summit.

June 22 — A "kiss-in" is staged by demonstrators rallying for gay and disabled people's rights, shutting down an area near Toronto's Eaton centre. Demonstrators chant, "We're queer, we're fabulous, we're against the G20."

June 23 — A large crowd takes a "toxic tour" of Toronto, marching with a float featuring a polar bear doll and an oil-soaked duck figurine, taking aim at the BP oil disaster.

June 24 — In both Toronto and Huntsville, Ont., Oxfam protesters wear giant papier mache heads and body suits to make it look like they're naked and pregnant, exposing the "naked truth" that G8 leaders have failed to deliver on past promises. Outside the provincial legislature a group of mainly aboriginal protesters pounded on drums, chanting "No G20 on stolen native land."

June 25 — Nearly 3,000 people take to the streets in the largest and most tense protest of the summit to date. Riot police hold the crowd at bay just blocks away from the G20 security zone before the protesters turn back. The gates of the zone are closed early.


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